Building a commercial or private gym requires considerable thought and planning. The most challenging part of the process can be purchasing the correct equipment for the needs of the clientele or owner. We work with you to provide your gym with quality equipment to suit your specific needs. Choosing equipment can be overwhelming, and frequently the most inexpensive option seems to be the best choice. While budget equipment might make sense during the point of sale, purchasing high quality machines and weights prove to be more economical over time. High quality, exercise-specific equipment is more durable and provides superior performance during use. For example, buying a regular barbell and using it for both power lifts and Olympic lifts is a common practice. There are actually different types of bars made for different types of exercise. Purchasing a powerlifting bar to multitask as an Olympic lifting bar is ultimately a poor choice.  Over time the powerlifting bar, which is not as flexible as an Olympic lifting bar, will put stress on the joint structures of the body.

We offer consultations for new gyms and for gym updates/renovations.

Our preferred equipment providers include Eleiko Sport, Atlantis, Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Fitter First, Duraball, Watson, and Black Iron.