New clients typically begin our program with corrective exercise training. This training is extremely important for correction of movement before beginning workout routines utilizing weights. A thorough assessment will allow us to devise a proper training program. The body must be put into balance before typical exercises are performed. The sequence we use will establish flexibility, then stability, then strength, and finally power.


Physical Assessment-1.5 hours

  •  Key areas of focus
  • Posture
  • Length tension relationships (which muscles are tight and which are loose)
  • Ranges of Motion
  • Core Function and Strength
  • The Upper Cervical Spine
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Movement Patterns
  • Strength
  • Any Orthopedic tests needed (shoulder, low back)


Program Design

After the assessment is completed, the information will then be converted into a personalized exercise and stretching program. Typically the program is a 6-8 week cycle. It includes all the exercises, reps, tempos, rest periods, sets and detailed instruction on how to do each exercise.


Training Sessions

Training sessions are then carried out to teach the each one of the exercises and the intricacies that they entail. Each session begins with a proper warm-up based on the program to follow, then the exercises are performed with proper technique stressed, then a cool down to off-set the effects of the exercise.